What I Actually Need in a Smartphone

I have spent the better part of 2 years trying to find the perfect smartphone. In that time I’ve learned there is no such thing as the perfect device. Today I will be discussing what I actually need in a smartphone and not what I think I want.

Since the beginning of 2013 I’ve owned an iPhone 4, a Nokia Lumia 521, an iPod Touch and dumb-phone combo, an iPhone 5c, a Moto X 2013, a Moto G 2013, a Samsung Galaxy S4, a HTC One M8, an iPhone 6 and now my current phone is an iPhone 5s.

After Owning 10 smartphones in 2 years I’ve finally figured out what I need in a smartphone:

Enough storage space for music, apps and photos

A decent camera

4-inch screen to make it manageable to use

Most of all though it should work well as a phone. The 2 things I find most important are loud enough speakers and a reliable signal.

I had found the iPhone 6 near perfect except the screen was a little too big for my liking and it was only 16GB. I was filling it pretty fast. I decided to sell it to Gazelle and instead of buying a 64GB iPhone 6 I got a 32GB iPhone 5s due to its compact size.

I plan to use my 5s until it no longer works since Apple has given up on phones with 4-inch screens and I don’t want anything bigger than that.