My Chromebook Experiment

Ever since I can remember I’ve had an affinity towards the latest and greatest in tech and the Chromebook is no exception. Even though I own a MacBook Air and an Asus Windows 8 PC I still felt intrigued to learn about Chromebooks and Chrome OS. So I decided after the holidays that I was going to buy myself a Chromebook and see if I could get by with just a Chromebook.

I spent much of this month researching Chromebooks and trying to figure out which one to buy. Even though I read great reviews about the Acer C720 and the Samsung Chromebook 2 I still decided against them due to my owning Acer and Samsung computer products in the past and not having the best experience. Remembering that when I was deciding on a Windows 8 PC I had found that two of the top OEMs were Asus and Toshiba and figured why not get a Chromebook from one of them.

While the Toshiba Chromebook 2 had everything I want in a Chromebook; 4GB RAM and 13.3 inch screen, I just didn’t like the price of $399. Luckily the Asus c300 also had 4GB RAM and 13.3 inch screen and was only $249, I had only wanted to spend at max $300. This was the deciding factor in my purchasing of the Asus c300 Chromebook.

To prepare myself for using a Chromebook I had been doing everything on my MacBook Air in the Chrome browser. So when I received my Chromebook yesterday I basically already knew what to expect. The one thing I wasn’t expecting was the amazingly long battery life it has. It most definitely is on par with my MacBook Air.

I will be posting my comprehensive review for the Asus c300 within the next couple weeks after I’ve had a chance to become accustomed with it. I do plan to post updates along the way though as I learn more about my Chromebook and Chrome OS in general.

I will leave you with two interesting things I’ve discovered about my Chromebook so far. In order to right-click in Chrome OS you can either hold down alt and click the trackpad or you can  2-finger tap the trackpad. The other interesting thing I’ve discovered is that if you have your music saved to a USB flash drive you can play from it, proving that it can do things offline.