CBS Fall 2014 Schedule Prediction

CBS Fall 2014 Schedule Prediction

Canceled: Friends With Better Lives, Hostages, Intelligence, The Crazy Ones, and The Mentalist.
Mid-season: Comedy: Cuz-Bros, More Time With Family, Save the Date; Drama: Battle Creek, Red Zone and Untitled CSI Spin-Off Project.

Mondays (September – October)
8:00pm The Big Bang Theory
8:30pm How I Met Your Dad (NEW)
9:00pm 2 Broke Girls
9:30pm Mom
10:00pm Person of Interest

Mondays (November)
8:00pm 2 Broke Girls
8:30pm How I Met Your Dad (NEW)
9:00pm Mike and Molly
9:30pm Mom
10:00pm Person of Interest

Due to CBS getting the rights to 8 Thursday Night Football games CBS has said that The Big Bang Theory will start out its season on Mondays and move to Thursdays in November. The only logical place for it I think would be at 8 because CBS could use it to help How I Met Your Dad or any new sitcom at 8:30 do better. Then in November 2 Broke Girls could be moved to 8 and hopefully be a good lead-in like TBBT. At 9 in September I would schedule 2 Broke Girls and when it moves to 8 in November the new season of Mike and Molly would begin. Mom would air all season at 9:30. To round out the night Person of Interest would be put at 10 and hopefully do better than the shows CBS tried this season.

8:00pm NCIS
9:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles
10:00pm Scorpion (NEW)

2 hours of NCIS is fine for Tuesdays and should remain that way. Putting NCIS: New Orleans at 10 I think would be too much. So I would schedule Scorpion instead.

8:00pm Survivor
9:00pm NCIS: New Orleans (NEW)
10:00pm Criminal Minds

Survivor will most likely remain on Wednesdays at 8. CBS should move CSI to a new night and move Criminal Minds from 9 to 10. Then at 9 I would like to see the new NCIS spin-off.

Thursdays (September – October)
8:00pm Thursday Night Football

Thursdays (November)
8:00pm The Big Bang Theory
8:30pm The Odd Couple (NEW)
9:00pm Two and a Half Men
9:30pm The Millers
10:00pm Elementary

The Big Bang Theory will return to Thursdays in November and I think it should be used to launch another new show. The Odd Couple I think sounds like the most promising CBS sitcom pilot to me and Matthew Perry starring in it doesn’t hurt. Two and a Half Men would remain at 9 and The Millers would be moved from 8:30 to 9:30. Elementary should probably stay put at 10. Seems like a solid Thursday night line-up to me.

8:00pm Undercover Boss
9:00pm Hawaii Five-0
10:00pm Blue Bloods

Friday would remain the same as it was last fall.

7:00pm 60 Minutes
8:00pm The Amazing Race
9:00pm CSI
10:00pm The Good Wife

60 Minutes has always aired Sundays at 7 so I know it won’t be moved. The Amazing Race probably won’t get moved either. Due to The Mentalist looking like it will be canceled this season I would move The Good Wife from 9 to 10. Sunday night at 9 is a good spot for an aging drama like CSI and most likely will do fine no matter what night it airs.


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