ABC Fall 2014 Schedule Prediction

ABC Fall 2014 Schedule Prediction

Canceled: Betrayal, Mixology, Super Fun Night, The Neighbors and Trophy Wife
Mid-season: Reality: Dancing with the Stars; Comedy: An American Education, Irreversible, Keep It Together, Suburgatory; Drama: Astronaut Wives Club, How to Get Away With Murder, Forever and Warriors.

8:00pm The Bachelor (Dancing with the Stars Jan-Mar)
10:00pm Secrets and Lies (NEW)

Mondays I would leave mostly the same with seasons of The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars alternating in the 8 to 10 slot. At 10 I would move Castle to another night to free up the slot for a new drama. I believe Castle will be moved because it will complete its sixth season this month and I doubt it will last to many more seasons. So ABC should start to groom a new show in that slot. Secrets and Lies sounds really interesting and ABC has already picked it up for 10 episodes.

8:00pm Agents of S.H.I.EL.D.
9:00pm The Whispers (NEW)
10:00pm Castle

Agents of S.H.I.EL.D. is doing well in its current time-slot and most likely will remain at 8 for Season 2. This fall ABC should try a drama at 9 instead of 2 sitcoms like they did this year. Besides if Trophy Wife gets canceled and The Goldbergs, which looks like it will be renewed, returns this fall it can be moved to Wednesdays after The Middle. The Whispers is a new alien sci-fi drama but has an intriguing twist in which the aliens use children to get to the adults. It could possibly do well Tuesdays at 9 I think. Castle’s new night could end up being Tuesdays.

8:00pm The Middle
8:30pm The Goldbergs
9:00 Modern Family
9:30pm Selfie (NEW)
10:00pm Nashville

The Middle and Modern Family have done well for years in their respective time-slots but nothing else seems to stick at 8:30 and 9:30. I would move The Goldbergs to Wednesdays at 8:30 and see how well it meshes with The Middle. After Modern Family I would try out a new sitcom at 9:30 entitled, “Selfie,” in which a young woman tries to live offline with the help of her marketing guru. It is loosely based on My Fair Lady. It seems like it would do well with today’s viewers.

8:00pm The Winklers (NEW)
8:30pm Saint Francis (NEW)
9:00pm Grey’s Anatomy
10:00pm Scandal

Instead of trying out a new drama at 8 that would fail like it has for years now I would make a new sitcom hour from 8 to 9. The Winklers sounds really great and not to mention it stars Henry Winkler, better known as The Fonz, and should do quite well. Saint Francis is the only other pilot ABC has that would fit with The Winklers I think. 9 to 11 would remain the same.

8:00pm Last Man Standing
8:30pm Fresh Off the Boat (NEW)
9:00pm Shark Tank
10:00pm 20/20

Last Man Standing should remain at 8 and The Neighbors which aired this season at 8:30 will most likely be canceled. So a new sitcom needs to be picked up and put in the Friday 8:30 time-slot. Fresh Off the Boat is about a family of Chinese immigrants living in America in the 1990s who just moved from Washington D.C’s Chinatown to Orlando, FL which has no Chinatown or Chinese culture at all. Sounds really good and I think it could do well. From 9 to 11 Shark Tank and 20/20 would remain the same.

7:00pm AFV
8:00pm Once Upon a Time
9:00pm Resurrection
10:00pm Revenge

I would leave Sunday nights alone since it currently does so well and you shouldn’t mess with success.


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