NBC Fall 2014 Schedule Prediction

NBC Fall 2014 Schedule Prediction

Canceled: Believe, Crisis, Dracula and Revolution.
Mid-season: Reality: The Biggest Loser; Comedy: Bad Judge, Community, Lifesaver; Drama: Hannibal, Parenthood and Salvation.

8:00pm The Voice
10:00pm The Blacklist

I left Mondays the same because NBC has been in disarray for years and needs to have a night that just works and gets good ratings.

8:00pm The Voice
9:00pm The Pro (NEW)
9:30pm Tooken (NEW)
10:00pm Chicago Fire

Currently About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher are doing pretty good from 9 to 10 right now and NBC should try to use that time to launch two more sitcoms this fall. Out of the sitcom pilots NBC has to choose from The Pro sounds quite promising and Tooken has already been picked up for 13 episodes and I figure that would lead to it being scheduled in the fall. The Voice results show and Chicago Fire are fine where they are and you shouldn’t mess with success.

8:00pm Emerald City (NEW)
9:00pm Law and Order: SVU
10:00pm Chicago PD

The 8 o’clock hour needs something new because Revolution isn’t working and I predict it will be canceled. Emerald City is all about The Wizard of Oz book series and NBC needs something similar to Once Upon a Time. Since NBC has picked up Emerald City for 10 episodes I’m confident it will get a fall time-slot. The 9 to 11 slots are all set and Law and Order: SVU and Chicago PD fit good together.

8:00pm About a Boy
8:30pm Growing Up Fisher
9:00pm Mr. Robinson (NEW)
9:30pm Parks and Recreation
10:00pm The Slap (NEW)

Last year NBC was confident that the Michael J. Fox Show and Sean Saves the World would be the saviors for Thursday night but they failed fairly quick. About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher have been doing pretty good on Tuesday nights and I think could be used to prop up the night this fall. Mr. Robinson is a pilot that was given a 6 episode pick up by NBC and seems like it would fit well on Thursdays. I moved Parks and Recreation to 9:30 because 30 Rock did well there for years and they are similar in style. The Slap is an interesting sounding show and who knows it might be extended past an 8 episode mini-series if it does well.

8:00pm Dateline NBC
9:00pm Constantine (NEW)
10:00pm Grimm

Dateline has been on at 8 for years and most likely won’t be going anywhere. Constantine is a superhero show and based on a comic book series by DC comics. I don’t know how well it will be received due to the fiasco that was Heroes. Grimm does well on Friday nights and might get slid down an hour to 10.

7:00pm Sunday Night Football (Fall) Dateline NBC (Mid-season)
9:00pm Parenthood (Mid-season)
10:00pm Salvation (Mid-season, NEW)

Shows on Sunday nights don’t really start until Football season ends. I think Parenthood will be renewed for a 13 episode final season. Salvation is family drama and might be a good replacement for Parenthood.

Next Monday, May 12th, NBC will have their upfront presentation in the morning and I will be able to see how close I was.


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