FOX Fall 2014 Schedule Prediction

FOX Fall 2014 Schedule Prediction

Canceled: Almost Human, Dads, Rake and Surviving Jack.
Mid-season: Reality: American Idol; Comedy: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Last Man on Earth, Weird Loners; Drama: Glee, Home and Runner.

8:00pm The Following
9:00pm Backstrom (NEW)

FOX Mondays is hard to predict but I think that The Following will air at 8 and a new drama will be scheduled at 9. Backstrom has been picked up for 13 episodes and sounds like a typical FOX show.

8:00pm New Girl
8:30pm Mulaney (NEW)
9:00pm Cabot College (NEW)
9:30pm The Mindy Project

FOX has struggled with Tuesday nights for a while now and the network should continue with young skewing shows like New Girl and The Mindy Project. Mulaney has been picked up for 6 episodes and sounds like it would pair well with New Girl. Cabot College has a blind series commitment meaning FOX plans to air it no matter what.

8:00pm Hieroglyph (NEW)
9:00m Sleepy Hollow

Hieroglyph was picked up for 13 episodes. It is a period drama set in Ancient Egypt and might do well paired with Sleepy Hollow.

8:00pm Gotham (NEW)
9:00pm Wayward Pines (NEW)

Gotham is a show based on the origin stories of Commissioner James Gordon and the villains that made Gotham famous. Gotham has a blind series commitment. Wayward Pines was picked up for 10 episodes and should be scheduled to air in the fall. Like I said FOX is hard to predict and who knows if these shows will be scheduled together.

8:00pm Bones
9:00pm Gracepoint (NEW)

Bones will probably stay on Fridays at 8. Gracepoint seems like an interesting premise and would fit well with Bones.

8:00pm The Simpsons
8:30pm Here’s Your Damn Family (NEW)
9:00pm Family Guy
9:30pm Bob’s Burgers

American Dad is moving to TBS after it ends its run on FOX this month. The Simpsons should definitely stay at 8 and Family Guy should move back to 9 after the Cosmos mini-series finishes. Since FOX will only have 3 animated sitcoms left a live-action sitcom will probably get paired up with them. I would move Bob’s Burgers to 9:30 and put Here’s Your Damn Family on at 8:30. Of course for all I know FOX could move Bob’s Burgers to another night and leave Family Guy in its current 8:30 slot and use 9 to launch a new drama.

Check back in next Monday, May 12th, in the afternoon to see how well I did.


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