Shows You Should Be Watching: OUAT Editon

A feature of Tech Plus Things I will be starting is talking about shows I watch that I think you should watch.

Once Upon a Time Title Card

OUAT better known as Once Upon a Time is a show you should be watching. This show centers on Emma Swan, a 28-year-old bail bonds-person, who is found by her now-10-year-old son she had given up for adoption, a boy who believes her to be the missing daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White. When she moves with him to a strange New England town named Storybrooke, where more fairytale characters live under alternate identities, she begins to believe his story.

Once Upon a Time spins new twists upon the fairytale stories you read as a child. I really enjoy this show and like all the twists and turns it has. It will definitely open your eyes to thinking of fairytale characters in a different light. I would elaborate more but that would lead me to giving away too many spoilers, so please check it out if you like action, adventure and fantasy.

Places to watch it: Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix and current season 3 episodes are on Hulu Plus.


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